Plane of Sky Progression

Plane of Sky Progression

Getting to the quest room:

  • Purchase an Efreeti’s Key from the Key Master for 1cp.

Getting to Noble Island:

  • Loot a Miniature Sword on Fairy Island.
  • Turn in the Miniature Sword to get your Key of Swords.
  • You can also purchase a Key of Swords from the Key Master for about 210pp.

Getting to Azarack Island:

  • Loot a Lost Rabbit’s Foot on Fairy Island.
  • Turn in the Lost Rabbit’s Foot to get your Key of the Misplaced.
  • You can also purchase a Key of the Misplaced from the Key Master for about 105pp.

Getting to Harpy Island:

  • Loot a Broken Mirror on Azarack Island.
  • Turn in the Broken Mirror to get your Key of Misfortune.
Getting to Horse Island:
  • Loot an Animal Figurine on Harpy Island.
  • Turn in the Animal Figuring to get your Key of Beasts.
Getting to Spiroc Island:
  • Loot a Bird Whistle on Horse Island.
  • Turn in the Bird Whistle to get your Avian Key.
Getting to Bee Island:
  • Loot a Noise Maker on Spiroc Island.
  • Turn in the Noise Maker to get your Key of the Swarm.
Getting to Sister Island:
  • Loot a Dull Dragon Scale on Bee Island.
  • Turn in the Dull Dragon Scale to get your Key of Scale.
Getting to Butterfly Island:
  • Loot a Replica of the Wurm Queen on Sister Island.
  • Turn in the Replica of the Wurm Queen to get your Veeshan’s Key.