Bladesoul’s Spiritual Diadem

Bladesoul’s Spiritual Diadem

Bladesoul’s Spiritual Diadem (Checklist) – select File > Make a Copy

This quest involves collecting 10 items that drop throughout Sleeper’s Tomb, combining them in a container, turning in the resulting item to a quest NPC, and then completing a final fight to loot the item. This head item has pretty decent stats for the Velious era and includes a Soul Energy click which grants a 10 vs All AA.

This also has a sister quest (collect all the same items) with Bladesoul’s Spiritual Armguards as the reward.

  • Loot a Digest of Devastating Frills from Milas An`Rev
  • Loot a Drakeen Scales from the Drakeen Controller
  • Loot a Founder’s Velium Creation from The Progenitor
  • Loot a Furious Shroud of Unlife from the Furious Phantasm
  • Loot a Globe of Frozen Vigor from a Sinister Gargoyle
  • Loot a Globe of Frozen Vitality from a Sinister Gargoyle
  • Loot a Serrated Gargoyle Claw from a Sinister Gargoyle or a Forbidding Gargoyle
  • Loot a Sightless Velium Eye from The Final Arbiter
  • Loot a Stinted Velium Drapes from the Master of the Guard
  • Loot a Wings of Oversight from The Overseer

After you collect the ten items, talk to Ulessa for the rest of the quest. 

  • Say “I will help” to Ulessa Bladesoul (or Paldar Bladesoul) to receive a Spiritual Prismatic Pack
  • Combine the 10 items in the Spiritual Prismatic Pack to create Bladesoul’s Spiritual Pouch
  • Give Bladesoul’s Spiritual Pouch to Ulessa Bladesoul to spawn *Ulessa the Insane
  • Kill *Ulessa the Insane who drops the Bladesoul’s Spiritual Diadem