Familiar Auto-Leave

This tip came to me a few months back, and I’ve run into a number of players who aren’t aware of it, so I thought I’d make a short video and blog post showing you how to auto-dismiss your familiar.

Familiars are great to have for the small buffs they grant, but for most of us we don’t want the actual familiar hanging around, just the buff itself. It can be a little tedious to dismiss your familiar each time you summon it, and in some situations like raiding it can cause trouble if you forget.

Thankfully, there’s an option in-game to automatically dismiss your familiar and just keep the buff. This option, however, is tucked away in an obscure spot in the UI; while it makes sense for it to be here, I know I never stumbled upon it by accident.

To change this setting you’ll want to open your Key Rings (which can be accessed inside your inventory, among other ways) and then go to the Familiars tab. Here you’ll find the Auto-Leave toggle. Check or uncheck the box to set whether your familiar shows up with its buff or not.