GINA Trigger Package – Shaman (05/10/2019)

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GINA Trigger Package - Shaman (05/10/2019)

This is my shaman trigger package as I had it setup when I finished playing on Phinigel. This covers most of the important AAs, buffs, debuffs, DoTs, HoTs, and items we use from 60 - 85 with a couple lower level spells mixed in that remain relevant. The top level groups are loosely organized by spell line:

Within each of the top level groups are the spells themselves, named by level so they show up in order, and as appropriate their companion triggers for cooldowns and worn off messages:

As before, you'll need to adjust your durations to accommodate for your level, focus effects, AAs, etc. You may also want to create a "/em goes brain dead." emote, although I've changed all the "worn off" timers to be 6 minute countdown timers instead of 6 minute count-up timers.

These are never really in a wholly final state, as I'm always tweaking them and finding to ones to start making, but the bulk of them will work for you right out of the box.