GINA Trigger Package – Secrets of Faydwer Raid Triggers (09/19/2018)

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GINA Trigger Package - Secrets of Faydwer Raid Triggers (09/19/2018)

What's included?

  • Timers for detrimental effects used by Raid NPCs in SoF zones
    • All DoTs and what cure (if any) can cure it
    • Stuns and FD effects
    • Other non-DoT (slow, blind, silence, etc.) duration effects
  • Audio triggers and display popups saying to "stand up" for FD effects
  • Triggers are sanitized with a leading ^ caret symbol so other players can't spoof your triggers
  • Appropriate wear-off triggers to clear them early if possible
  • Triggers are in their own SoF trigger group so they don't mix in with or overwrite existing triggers or groups
    • Triggers are further organized by zone name

What's not included?

  • Instant DD type effects
  • Non-raid effects
  • A few triggers don't have wear-off text so can't be cleared early
  • A few zones have raid NPCs without any relevant triggers

Screenshots of Trigger Groups and an example Trigger: