GINA Trigger Package – Shaman (01/01/2018)

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GINA Trigger Package - Shaman (01/01/2018)

Here you'll find the collection of timers I've created to help me play a shaman. These primarily cover spells and AAs between levels 60 and 70, although a lot of the spell lines use standardized text so will work outside those levels.

Note 1: You'll want to create a "/em goes brain dead." emote which is my default hotkey for clearing unwanted timers.

Note 2: You will almost definitely have to tweak the Timer Duration fields on these timers to account for your level, focus effects, AAs, etc.

This is organized into six categories:

  • Buffs - These timers count down how time is left on short duration buffs that need frequent refreshes.
  • Cooldowns - These timers track how much time is left on longer cooldown AAs, clickies, and spells.
  • Damage Over Time - These will track your DoTs on a per-mob basis, particularly designed for multi-mob DoT situations.
  • Debuffs - Similar to the DoT timers but for slows and Virulent Paralysis.
  • Heal Over Time - These will track your Heal Over Time durations so you can keep them running on your group or specific targets.
  • Worn Off - These will create count-up timers that don't clear until you refresh the buff or use a "/em goes brain dead" emote.