Classic Agents of Change (Raid Instances)

In this guide we take a look at the in-game locations of each of the seven Agents of Change found in EverQuest Classic.


1:33 — Dagnor’s Cauldron AoC for Kedge Keep (Phinigel Autropos)

2:23 — Paineel AoC for The Hole (Master Yael)

3:23 — Everfrost Peaks AoC for Permafrost Keep (Lady Vox)

4:05 — Lavastorm Mountains AoC for Nagafen’s Lair (Lord Nagafen)

5:16 — South Ro AoC for the Plane of Hate (Innoruuk)

7:19 — The Feerrott AoC for the Plane of Fear (Cazic-Thule)

9:15 — East Freeport AoC for the Plane of Sky Thanks for watching!