I played EverQuest for the first time in 1998. My uncle had been invited to beta test EQ and let me play around on a ranger he created. I wandered around for a bit in Surefall Glade and Qeynos Hills, and I was totally blown away. I got to play on release day (March 16th, 1999) with him and my cousin and have been hooked ever since

I played off and on through high school and college, sometimes having to take pretty long breaks, beginning my EverQuest career on the PvP servers (Rallos Zek at launch and later Sullon Zek when it released) but for the most part playing pretty casually until Fippy Darkpaw released in 2011.

On Fippy, some friends and I joined the top raiding guild of the server (Twisted Legion) and for the first time I experienced the thrill of not just raiding but destroying all content we attempted, scoring most server firsts along the way. I played from Classic through the beginning of Omens of War and loved it, but had to take a break due to a job change.

In 2015 the Ragefire server launched, which I played on and raided on (with Twisted Legacy, the spiritual successor to my guild on Fippy) through Kunark, but the toxic guild drama was for worse (or at least not as palatable for me) during that second run and I hung up my hat when Phinigel was announced.

I had played a shaman on Fippy and on Ragefire, and decided to roll a shaman for the 3rd time on Phinny, joining a west coast guild (Broken Wave) for a more casual raiding experience. I lead our raids in Classic through Velious when I also became the guild leader. I’m proud to say we completed all content in-era, which was an accomplishment we were very proud of. Late in the summer of 2016, due to some real life conflicts (job, cross country move), I wasn’t able to continue playing on a PST schedule so I took a short break from EQ.

In early 2017 I began playing again and joined The Mystic Order which offered a convenient EST raiding experience. Early in 2018 the leadership of that guild disbanded and I, along with many of my guild mates, joined Cult of Chaos, who I raided with until they folded into Arcane Ascensions in the spring of 2019. I had been raiding consistently for two years at that point and decided to take a break again. I was able to complete all content through Seeds of Destruction and some of House of Thule before retiring completely.

But that’s not where the story ends, and I’ve taken up the shaman’s crucible once again on Rizlona…